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app Marketing campaign for user retention

Useful Mobile App Marketing Campaigns for User Retention

Launching an app and having significant downloads doesn’t guarantee the long term success of your business. Having a good amount of daily active users that make use of your app is what defines a stable and fruitful life cycle of your app, as well as your business.

Unfortunately, nearly 75% of users don’t come back to an app after using it once or a few times. And this is one of the biggest challenges every business and its marketing team faces – retaining active users.

One of the factors contributing to user retention and engagement struggle is the massive competition in the app market. With millions of apps available, users have multiple options to gravitate towards if your app doesn’t stand out.

Do note that there are various reasons for an app failure but often times it is the poor marketing efforts that fail to keep the users interested, or coming back.

Nonetheless, mobile apps still stand victorious, and now with cross-platform development, hybrid apps, and progressive web apps; the opportunities are endless. Provided you are on the right track with your marketing campaigns to drive engagement, loyalty, and sales.

So what can you do to retain users and keep them hooked to your app? We have compiled a list of effective marketing strategies that will help your app stay afloat and within use.

Customer Loyalty or Reward System

Everyone loves to be acknowledged in some form or way. If they are investing in your app or brand, they would like to be recognized for it and treated like loyalties. This is why, according to the study, nearly 80% of users show more loyalty to brands that maintain a great loyalty program that includes VIP perks. Those perks can be anything from special exclusive discounts, coupons, or in terms of an app, exclusive access to features.

This is a great way to keep the users coming back to your app for more. These programs will not only make the existing customers invest more into your app but also refer to others to join as well.

Any app that is constantly providing value to its customers is bound to retain its users best. So devise a great loyalty program or some sort of reward system according to the nature of your app.

Useful and Relevant Content

Another fool-proof strategy is dedicated content targeted to your users. Great content that is informative and relevant adds value to the experience your app provides. You must have heard about the term ‘personalized content’? This is the content that is in the form of ads, search recommendations, or information that is in line with the user’s search intent or browsing habits.

Personalized content is also heavily assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). As you know, AI is impacting mobile app development on a large scale; especially mCommerce where the algorithm learns user browsing behavior and starts firing related product suggestions, that boost the purchasing power of the user.

Content‘ is a broad term and doesn’t necessarily translate to ads or suggestions but could take different forms considering your app and business model. All in all, it should be interesting and encouraging purchasing intent. Just remember, personalization is the key.

Push Notifications in Moderation

Push notifications can keep users’ focus on your app but tread carefully. Why? Because too many push notifications can cause the consumers to be annoyed and uninstall your app entirely.

However, once done right, you can use this route to inform, entice, and re-engage. Often time, apps once downloaded, are forgotten and left to rot. This is why native apps have the advantage of using push notifications to send reminders to users.

Now, these reminders should be with value and purpose. Spam-like, wrongly timed, and simply desperate notifications will land your app in hot waters. So do some research and identify customer needs, analyze their interactions with your business, and then devise a useful push notification.

By useful, it could be a special discount announcement or weekly tips regarding a solution your app provides. Really, as long as it is relevant, attention-grabbing, and valuable – it is worth being a push notification.

Now, all there is left is for you to determine the right frequency of these push notifications.

Pay Attention to Feedbacks

In order to receive the feedback from your users about your app, you need to ask for it first. This is a great way to connect with your users and tap into their pain points that your app can resolve. So make sure you ask them for feedback via in-app messaging, push notifications, or through online communities.

However, only receiving messages and not responding won’t do you and your relationship building with customers any good. Once you start receiving valuable user insight regarding improvements or any additional feature, you should immediately reply and take everything into consideration.

They are the real users after all and their feedback regarding your app fixes will improve your app and the experience it provides, even further.


Build a Top-Notch App With the Right Functionality

This is arguably the most important part of boosting engagement and user retention; which is to have a well-built mobile app with all the right features. There are many software companies in Houston that are gurus of their craft and can take on your app development project like a professional. From ideation, prototyping, testing, to launch; a reliable custom software development company will handle it to perfection.

A great app not only has the right functionality, the best business model, and a great UI/UX, but has a team that readily addresses any bugs or errors that arise post-launch. We often forget how important it is to maintain the app after it has been released.

Closing Statement

App engagement and user retention determine the longevity of the app, rather than its acquisition. In order to do that, you need to cultivate a positive and beneficial relationship through useful push notifications, customer loyalty programs and campaigns. and by sending relevant dedicated content.

App marketing campaigns of 2020 are becoming more intense owing to the increasing competitiveness in the app landscape. So keep experimenting with various campaigns and see what works with your particular audience and roll with it.

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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