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Android 11: Exciting New Security Features And Much More

Android 11 Developer Preview gave insight into new features that include privacy and security features that Google definitely upgraded.

Top 5 Impressive Free Video Editing Software of 2020

With the surge in popularity of video content, free video editing software have enabled anyone to produce high-quality videos, using high-end features.

Galaxy Z Flip: Ultra-Thin Glass Display, Better Hinge Technology, and More

After a handful of leaks and renders, Samsung officially revealed its second foldable device called the Galaxy Z Flip, with a stunning glass display.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Mobile App Development

Mobile apps and user experience has revolutionized with the integration of Artificial Intelligence, bringing you apps of the future.

Free Mobile Apps: How Can You Gain Profit From Them?

Generating revenue from your mobile app that is available on app market for free, is do-able with the right monetization methods.