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4 EffectiveWeb-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

EffectiveWeb-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

The main focus of a website development company is to build strategies to boost conversion rates in the market. One of the mistakes that developers make these days is focusing more on social media, SEO, and marketing rather than putting effort into designing a website. Website design is the decision-maker to engage customers for a longer time span. The content on the website should be displayed in an interactive way to gain viewers’ attention. 

Whether you are an expert in designing or not, you can always hire a certified Magento Developer or a Development Company as per your requirements. Let us look at some interesting things that you can apply in the Web-Design for better conversion rates:

Are people affording to wait for Page loads?

After completing the website design, you need to focus on its performance. Slow loading pages encourage bounce rates, which will affect your rankings in the search engine pages. You can always check page performance using Google’s Page Speed Insight tool. The following are some Page Loading optimization strategies:

  • Choose a reliable and faster hosting service
  • Use Content Delivery Network to distribute the content load
  • Limit the usage of popups on the website
  • Remove poorly coded CSS, JavaScript, and HTML from the web pages
  • Use a fewer number of redirects on the website
  • Upload smaller size of images that do not affect the site performance
  • Integrate light-weighted plugins in the website
  • Never stuff your website with irrelevant features and functions

Let’s Apply the Hick-Hyman Law for a change 

Image Source: Hick’s Law

This law describes the time taken by the users to make a decision based on the possible choices available on the website. According to the Hick-Hyman law, the more choices there are available on the website, the more time it will take for the users to reach the final decision. Website owners get overwhelmed and integrate lots of features into the website that complicates the navigation.  This increases the chances to abandon the website and affects its digital visibility. Follow the below techniques to improve conversion rates:

  • Add limitations on the number of your choices on the website.
  • Add distinct choices on the web pages.
  • Integrate personalized recommendations on the website.
  • Use faster decision-making strategies.
  • Make the navigation simple for the viewers.

You have 8-Seconds to make a digital impression on Users

The thumb rule is that your website has mere 8 seconds to gain the viewer’s attention as this is the human attention span. This means you have a small window to make the users stay on the website and boost the conversion rate. However, there are further ways to optimize your business website to get more sales.

Things you can do during the WordPress web development process to handle this case are:

  • Use a brief headline that is benefit-driven. 
  • Use eye-catchy images that convey the purpose of your web pages and draw users’ attention towards the main Call-To-Action.
  • Make the buttons simple and clear.
  • The website should have powerful words that make it engaging and enticing.
  • Add multimedia into the website like audio, video, and other interactive content.
  • Buttons should have a hover effect to make it easier to know the functions before taking action.

Brand yourself consistently on the website

A Certified Magento developer can help in boosting the conversions using the right strategies for branding. You should add branding elements on the landing pages without overwhelming it for the users. Simple tips that you should pay attention to when branding your website:

  • Decide a unique logo for branding
  • Select a special spot to place the logo that doesn’t overwhelm the visitors but also grabs their attention
  • Add a brief description of your objectives to convey your message to the audience clearly
  • Use a sleek product image for a better user experience.

You will need a WordPress website development company’s help as branding is an essential step for the organization to grow and boost conversion rates in the digital market. 

Summing it up!

Now you are aware of the four important things to consider during the WordPress website development to boot conversions. Many of these are easily and quickly implemented into the website, but surely you will require experienced developers in some cases for better results. Important things to keep in mind while designing a website are:

  • Simple design
  • Easy navigation 
  • Visible content that can be read easily
  • Correct color combinations 
  • Responsive web pages 
  • Use of multimedia 
  • Working on improving performance regularly
  • Interactive content on the web pages 
  • Perform branding smartly 

There are many things that you, as a website owner, need to focus on before deploying the website into the digital world. After reading this blog, you might now have a clear vision to start or improve the website efficiently and gain more conversions through these tips. These are the starting point of your online journey, and there is always a scope for improvement as the digital platforms are forever growing as per users’ requirements.   

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