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Inc. 5000 is the most reputable ranking of companies working privately. The list includes companies that have verified their growth over the past three consecutive years. Some of the highlighted companies, such as Facebook and Patagonia, are the part of Inc. 5000 for so long.

For many years, Inc. 5000 has welcomed private companies consistently who are committed to their clients worldwide. The list represents an exclusive look at the most successful companies in the United States of America. Inc. 5000 is please to honor those companies who made a name for themselves through novelty, hard work, and meeting today’s challenges. A team of talented people with a joint goal of creating change helps companies grow and expand.

We are super proud to announce that Koderlabs stood at 2151 rank on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA. The ranking is evidence of our team’s hard work. We have preserved through the critical economic circumstances and never left the company’s mission, which could create an ounce of losing trust within and outside the group. As a team, we have eliminated the risk greatly during turning points without compromising on the quality.

Koderlabs was founded in the year 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Kazim Raza. Our company has worked around the clock to bring the best for our customers and the company’s betterment. We have a wide area of experience working with large and small-sized companies. By launching tremendous successful applications, and brands with a unique identity, we prove ourselves the top-leading mobile app development company in the USA. 

Making it into the list of Inc. 5000 was only possible because of our team at Koderlabs. Our team includes business developers, marketers, developers, designers, quality testers, and the best software engineers who have worked with full dedication, hard work,and enthusiasm. Innovation is the key to build your name in the tech-leading world, said the CEO, and therefore, with the help of innovative ideas, we add lives to our project.  Our top-notch products in the market prove the quality work we do by engaging, communicating, and elevating skills to build the best software. We are the experts who provide the best-customized solutions essential to meet the goals by using cutting-edge technology. 

What is the secret behind our success?

“Excellence in services, proactive thinking, and the best practices are the keys to the victory,” our CEO, Mr. Kazim Raza. Our team is highly talented in their respective field, which makes us achieve high results. Driving into the reputable Inc. 5000 list has increased the trust, partnership, support, collaboration, and hard work among the organization and clients. We are honored to become a part of Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the USA.


As we have scaled, we wanted to ensure we will never sacrifice culture for our company’s growth. Growth is meaningless if you don’t continue to serve your employees and clients well. As we continue to grow, we want to foster a culture where people respect each other, value their talent, feel secure, and enjoy growing together.

If you have ever worked with us, by any means, as an employee, business partner, or just a friend or family member, we are thankful to you. We pay bundles of gratitude to everyone who stood by us. We appreciate it and congratulate each and every one of you. In our humble way, one person at a time, we are changing how America’s workplace operates. We are creating a healthy environment where people can flourish, and find a purpose to live and grow. 

Final Thoughts: 

Koderlabs is a growing company in a rapidly changing technology market. We continue to grow and expand to achieve bigger and better. Our growth over the years has been remarkable. The commitment to creating innovative products has helped us get where we are. Our achievements are filled with exciting and rewarding days, making it even more fascinating. As our company grows, it helps us solve more complications over time. It also provides more clarifications for our customers and gives bigger reasons to serve our target audience.

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