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How Does IXL Learning Rank Amongst Other Classroom eLearning Solutions

How Does IXL Learning Rank Amongst Other Classroom eLearning Solutions

Executive Summary 

IXL helps schools use technology to enhance teaching and learning. In the U.S. alone, over 12 million students already use IXL eLearning solutions. Thus, our experts have decided to explain the basics of IXL Learning as well as how it compares to other LMS for K12, who uses it, and how effective it is for you.

Brief Overview 

Google opened available the Classroom API in response to the growing use of Google Classroom in education, enabling developers to easily incorporate Classroom with a wide range of websites and eLearning solutions. Some instructional websites are now merged with the classroom as a result.

As of right now, Google Classroom is already connected with a number of significant educational websites. A selection of these websites is listed below. IXL is a comprehensive, standards-aligned content provider for math, language arts, science, and social studies that offer immersive LMS solutions for K12 experiences classrooms.

What is IXL Learning?

IXL is a website with millions of practice questions and modules that cover nearly all of the Common Core State Standards or CCSS for grades K–12 and some of the Next Generation Science Standards or NGSS for grades 2–8. It also has apps for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Subject-specific high school lessons address the essentials through games, tutorials, videos, and examples.

Each skill is practiced separately by the students, who receive points and ribbons for answering questions correctly. Kids receive a stamp in their book once they acquire 100 points for a skill, which motivates them to master further skills so they can gain access to virtual rewards. 

A section’s questions are frequently highly repetitious, although students seeking diversity can choose between topics under the Suggestions section. More pupils can access the material thanks to audio assistance, handwriting identification, and Spanish-language materials.

Different Rankings IXL Learning As eLearning Solutions

  • 3rd In Rank In Culture Score

IXL Learning is ranked third among its rivals, after Edmentum, with an overall culture score of 48/100. From all of the comparable questions that employees at different firms respond to, overall Culture scores are compiled.

  • 2nd In Rank In Employee Net Promoter Score

IXL Learning’s Employee Net Promoter Score placed it 2nd among its rivals, behind Edmentum when different employees rated it against its competitor. The entire score of each employee is tracked by their Net Promoter Score.

  • 2nd In Rank In Diversity Score 

IXL Learning is ranked second among its rivals, after Edmentum, with a diversity score of 41/100. The Diversity Score measures how highly diverse staff members view their time spent working at IXL Learning.

  • 2nd in Gender Score Rank

Workers give IXL Learning’s gender score 75 out of 100, placing it second among its rivals, after Edmentum. The Gender Score keeps tabs on how favorably women see their time at IXL Learning.

Who Uses IXL Learning

IXL allows teachers to make tests in a variety of topic areas (math, language arts, science, etc.). IXL automatically populates the areas that students are likely learning based on state requirements and suggests pre-created questions if subject and grade are chosen.

IXL is a fantastic resource for topic practice and reinforcement. It would function well as one of several stations for math that also included manipulatives, group whiteboard exercises, and other practical techniques. Make sure to include any omitted topics or context that is unique to your classroom education in all courses, but especially in social studies.

While much of the work that students accomplish on IXL is done individually by them, the Group Jam function enables professors to collaborate with a group of students on a particular subject.

Final Words – How Good IXL Learning Is For The Users?

IXL eLearning solutions primarily focus on fact drill practice across a range of areas like math, science, social science, language arts, and Spanish, but it also includes a ton of instructional videos, explanations, and examples that have been worked through. Also, the website makes use of adaptive technology to modify the questions’ level of difficulty as students advance.

The targeted exercises in IXL, which are essentially drill-and-practice exercises in format and methodology, can offer a lot of opportunities for solo practice. IXL, in contrast to the competitors where students’ complete drills, offer comments on how to improve.

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