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What are Cosmetic Bugs and How do they harm your image?

A Cybersecurity testing organization encounters a wide range of bugs and infections consistently. They have to use different tools and technologies, devise different plans, and follow multiple processes to make various softwares free from all sorts of bugs. Bugs have become so advanced that now, you can easily categorize and prioritize them with ease. One of the most famous bugs goes by the name Cosmetic Bugs. A lot of people do not know much about them but given the current situation, you must know about it.

What are Cosmetic Bugs?

Cosmetic Bugs are the special bugs that attack the graphical user interface of an application. These issues are easily visible and are widely reported for the fixture. Most of the cosmetic bugs every cyber security testing company points out at first are the spelling mistakes, multiple grammar mistakes, different font sizes used, colors, tab order, and text overlapping, etc. Although these issues do not take much time in pointing out and fixing but they bring down the hype and usage of the software or the application within a few days so having them fixed must always be a priority.

How Cosmetic Bugs Harm Your Image?

Cosmetic bugs are known to bring your application’s rating and usage down with a much greater speed than any other bug. A lot of testing companies look for these bugs before they go and search for other bugs. While research shows these bugs can bring down your application like anything, have you ever wondered how they harm your application? If not, we have everything listed down for you.

Bad First Impression

Imagine you open an application and every text field has the same color and font. This will confuse you easily and you might end up entering information in wrong information in wrong text boxes. Further, imagine, if the notifications have the same color and font, the situation gets even worse. In the end, you will delete the application in a few minutes. Software testing companies save your application from getting deleted by fixing this issue.

Layout Issues

The next issue usually caught by testing comes is of the layout. Since every OS supports different layouts, the application is tested against every OS so its layout can be made flawless. In case, the flaws are left, the layouts of every text box and field will mess up your effort leaving a bad impression.

Highlighting is Important

At times, developers think that the user will notice important things on their own and leave the task of highlighting. However, testing companies suggest every developer highlight primary actions so the user can act fast saving him time and adding to the importance of the application.

And the List Goes On….

The list of cosmetic bugs goes on and on. However, the bugs mentioned above are analyzed first. Now, you know about cosmetic bugs so in the future, whenever you hire a cyber security testing company, you will know the bugs they are going after first.

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