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Things that make an app good

Mobile App Development: What Makes an App Great and Successful?

The question of what makes an app successful isn’t as generic as one would assume. Much of it depends on several factors including the idea and the target market, at large. However, we can narrow down to a few key elements that are a must for a successful app to have.

Why Your Busines Need A Mobile App?

Even if you have a small business that you think doesn’t require a complete dedicated mobile app, it might be true but not for today. You need to think about the current and the future trend of technology that your audience is leaning towards and without a doubt, it is the time of the mobile apps. According to the sources, nearly 77-90% of the time users spend on their mobile is on mobile apps and not the web app.

This alone is enough to entice you to restrategize your business goals and invest in a mobile app that will help your business grow in the long-run. For this to happen, you would need to consult and hire a team of developers from let’s say a group of top software companies in Houston.

So what benefits do a mobile app offers to your business?

Increased Visibility

Considering a person spends an average of 162 minutes on their smartphone daily, any brand gets a lot of reach to their audience that downloaded their app, on a daily basis. Moreover, with the access to push notifications, alerts, and in-app messages – your brand will have more visibility not just within the smartphones of users, but also within the market.

Nurturing Customer Loyalty

One of the best bits about having a mobile app for your business to directly communicate with your customers through in-app purchases, ads, and promotions. This, in turn, cultivates the loyalty of your customers and keeps them coming back.

If you deal with consumerism, it is great to have some sort of reward system that has its perks. Take Starbucks for example.

Increase in Sales

Having a mobile app will increase your sales for all the reasons mentioned above and more. As long as your customers are satisfied with what value your mobile app is offering in terms of features, your services, fast loading, and pleasing design with impeccable user experience – you are bound to increase your profits and sales including customer retention rate.

Easy Marketing

The traditional marketing efforts are not only costly but time-consuming as well. This brings us to the point that a mobile app is your one-for-all marketing for your business. From providing information, content, booking forms to a newsfeed section, a mobile app does it all. It is all about proper feature placements and user experience.

So these were some of the main benefits a business reaps from having a mobile app. Now, let’s dive into what exactly makes an app great and successful?

What Makes an Awesome App?

A great idea

In order for your app to stand out from the millions on Apple Store and Google Play Store, the idea on which it is built should be unique and interesting. Take Candy Crush Saga or Animal Crossing for example; two extremely successful mobile gaming apps that in their own time were notorious.

Just remember, you need to think out of the box while still staying realistic. So your ideas could be unconventional and still work with proper planning. If you are looking for short-term gains with the app then you can follow the trend and hop on the bandwagon. However, if you are planning the long-term success of your app, then you need to go with your guts, take a risk, and try your best with treading on the unbeaten path.

Understand your audience

This is one of the most crucial stages that determine your app’s success. You need to make sure that the region or country you are developing your app for specifically, should be well researched. What do they want to see in your app? What are their pain points you can solve? And even the design and aesthetics of your app should be mindful of the culture or the trend that is currently in the region you are targeting.

Great apps know their audience and instead of building for the world to use, which could either go great or completely flop; what is best is to have a specific audience in mind. Take TikTok for example. The video creating and sharing app was made for the younger generation and look how great that turned out. So make sure you do plenty of research about the target users.

Fast, responsive and stable app

You do not want an app that tests the patience of its users. Why? Because these days people do not have any. Let us say that with the technological advancement that focuses on providing the fastest devices or apps; this has become the standard of an ultimate app. Which is one that doesn’t slow down, lags, or hangs.

A great app that is fast and people only require a few seconds to do the tasks that they want to do on your app. So make sure your app is speed optimized, so that not only they enjoy your app without any crashes and lags, but also is bug-free.

So make sure your app is tested keeping user’s in mind. Moreover, it would be great to have a group of actual users to come in and test your app. this way you would get to see their perspective and make changes accordingly before launch.


Everything starts with an idea and so does an app’s concept. You take it from there and start building. Additionally, you may want to check how Artificial Intelligence is impacting mobile app development and include this cutting edge technology in your next big mobile app project. If you have an idea that needs cultivation, development, and deployment successfully, then connect with KoderLabs and let them take care of your app’s success.

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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