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6 Enterprise Software Applications Your Business Needs

The business world of today has branched out to mega enterprises handling several processes simultaneously; one that has become impossible to manage manually. This is where these enterprise solutions come in playing a key role in setting the operational functions of businesses up and running.

Imagine running a successful hotel where you have more than 500 staff members working in various departments. Yes, you have managerial roles that overlook the operations.

However, bringing everyone under one roof and discussing each detail, roadblocks, and potential solutions can be a hassle and a time-consuming task. Not to mention, you do not have a proper system where you can review previous shortcomings in order to improve the operations of your business further. Now you see the importance of a custom enterprise software solution?

Now imagine having an enterprise system built specifically for this hotel. You get to overlook the entire ecosystem of your hotel through one software. One that manages your finances, keeps track of the progress of each department, resolves any issues, and add more functionalities as the business grows.

All in all, you are reducing human errors and increasing productivity by allowing the software to handle menial tasks. This, in turn, boosts the revenue.

What is Enterprise Software?

A software application that serves an organization and not an individual, with features that help in streamlining its operations, business needs, processes, and more. These organizations we speak of could be schools, charities, governments, universities, and much more.

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software has evolved tremendously since the 1990s. The enterprise system of today assists mega establishments and businesses with its business-oriented tools.

Along with enterprise application software, software development trends have advanced as well. Nonetheless, there are several types of enterprise software solutions:

Kinds of Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise software encompasses various solutions within itself and can be customized according to the specific business needs. Those tools include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • Automated Billing Systems
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • IT Service Management

And many more.

2020 Forecast

The year 2020 is witnessing a devastating depression caused by COVID-19. Like many sectors, the software market is also experiencing a low and loss. Nonetheless, IT spending on enterprise software is expected to amount to around 426 billion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Now, if we could narrow down 10 important enterprise software applications that every business can benefit from, that would be helpful. Furthermore, it will help you discover an application that you didn’t think you might need. So let’s get to it :

Enterprise Software Applications For Your Business: Recommendations

Let’s start with the ‘communication software’. Now experiencing COVID-19, businesses and companies have resorted to working from home. The best way to make sure that the teams can communicate within themselves and with their consumers? Through communication enterprise applications and we have some great recommendations for you.

1) HootSuite

Enterprise Software Application Example
Via marketingland

Social media has become an integral component of any business and HootSuite is a great platform to grow your brand with. You can share content, meet new consumers, and build your business. Moreover, this enterprise software provides a ton of advantages and features. Some of them include:

  • HootSuite allows you to schedule content in advance. Furthermore, it also enables you to analyze the performance of your content across all social media platforms.
  • You can also integrate with useful and popular tools that include Google Drive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and many more.
  • You can also monitor social media platforms and check conversations about your brand. This will help you understand the consumers and their needs better. In addition, with this information and monitoring, you can nurture leads.

2) Google Meet

Best Enterprise Solutions
Via Silicon Canals

Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, was previously a paid service. However, recently in the light of COVID, Google announced Meet to be free for everyone owning a Gmail account.

Meet is a great alternative to Zoom, which is another communication enterprise application. Your teams can collaborate online as they use to in the office, and even have video conferencing as well. Since this is Google’s application, it allows you to schedule a meeting using Google Calendar, and other security features; like the ability to accept or deny entry.

So unlike Zoom, which witnessed a massive data breach, Meet is a safer option for everyone. One of the best bits about Meet is, that you can add up to 100 participants. In addition, you have an unlimited meeting time until September 30th. Afterward, you will be limited to 60-minutes.

Moving towards human resource enterprise software solution, we have some great picks that will help you manage your workforce in a productive and effective manner.

3) Digemp

Human Resource Enterprise system
Via AppVerticals

When your business is expanding and your team of 5 is hitting the 200 mark, it can become difficult to manage the payroll of each and every one of them. Worse, doing everything manually can be a bigger hurdle; from filling out paperwork, managing multiple systems, and doing calculations that are prone to human error.

Digemp is a great solution for all these problems and comes with great additional features that make the lives of the human resource department that much easier.

From employee scheduling, calendar management, overtime calculations, time tracking, reporting/analytics, to self-service portal – Digemp provides all features. Of course, the custom web app development company that developed this application can customize it according to your business needs.

4) BambooHR

HRM Enterprise System
Via YouTube

Another great HRM enterprise solution for your human resource needs is BambooHR. It also provides great functionalities that include employee onboarding and payroll management. With BambooHR, you can automate much of your human resource processes. Moreover, it includes an easy to use interface, that is beneficial for non-technical users.

So far we discussed two kinds of enterprise software applications; communication applications and human resource solutions. Now we will be moving on to another important part of any business, which is the sale and marketing area.

When dealing with the sales and marketing efforts for your business, you require smooth and organized operations. For this, there are several enterprise software systems; each with its unique set of functionalities making it easy to take complex marketing and sale initiatives.

5) Salesforce CRM

What is Enterprise application?
Via Datapine

Salesforce CRM is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that enables you to manage all your marketing campaigns and tasks in one platform. This is a great way to not just improve your all overall marketing strategies but also stay connected with the consumers and nurture potential leads.

Salesforce CRM provides a multitude of features that include the ability to close deals with its Sales Cloud platform, creation of personalized customer journeys, and provide top-notch customer support.

6) Marketo

Example of Enterprise Software Solution
Via Marketo Docs

More on the creative side of marketing automation application, Marketo is a great platform that enables brands to hone everlasting relationships with their consumers. Not only you get to generate leads, grow relationships, but also tell a story of your brand. It also provides features like email marketing, social media campaigns, CRM, landing pages, lead management, and analytics.

Other sales and marketing enterprise software solutions include Yesware, HubSpot CRM, and Google Analytics.

Bottom Line?

Enterprise software applications play a major role in a business’s success and smooth sailing. From streamlining all major tasks to managing every operation on a single platform – automation of business processes makes it easier to run a business and manage all departments effectively.

If you require a custom enterprise solution for your business need and wondering where to start, then connect with KoderLabs and get your idea rolling!

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