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How Is COVID Impacting Mobile App Development Sector?

Mobile App Development Amid COVID

We are entering into the last remaining six months of 2020 and the pandemic that hit the world almost suddenly is still reigning strong. Very few countries manage to battle Coronavirus, while others remain affected at large. Sadly, given the current circumstances, the world is expected to remain in this precautionary setting for a good long time.

Many industries have taken a hard hit and the economies around the world seem to be on a downhill journey. However, the same cannot be said about the IT sector. Yes, even within the IT industry, there are sectors taking losses, but one seems to be high in demand – Mobile App Development.

Technology, a Savior?

During this global lockdown and massive re-structuring of life, people have started to rely on technology more than ever. For instance, mobile applications have now become a necessity for not just entertainment, but for carrying out basic activities. With staying home and exercising social distancing, the consumer demand for apps that help them do mundane tasks without stepping out is higher than ever.

Even the statistics show a high peak in mobile app usages. Then again, not every app is being made use of. There are certain kinds of mobile apps that taking precedence over others. Let us explore these mobile apps more.

Entertainment Apps

Topping the list are the obvious ones – the entertainment and social media apps. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, and many more are the highlight. These applications were a huge part of everyone’s life pre-pandemic, and now their traffic has increased tremendously.

The most preferred type of content is video content with YouTube taking the first spot. So, people are keeping their anxieties and home-bound-depressions at bay with these mobile applications.

Social media is another entirely separate realm that is dominated with not just entertainment but with meaningful campaigns, support groups, and awareness drives. Not to mention, in these hard and uncertain times, social media is keeping everyone connected and up to date about the virus.

Streaming Apps

Although we discussed above how video streaming apps are receiving the highest traffic (safe to assume) during lockdown – it still needs a separate section for discussion. Why? Because video streaming apps are not confined to entertainment only; like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. In fact, video conferencing and video calling applications like Zoom and Skype are also included.

Since Work From Home is the new office culture, apps like Zoom, Skype, and Meet have become an integral part of every organization; be it online teaching, office and staff meetings, or connecting with family.

If it wasn’t for these applications, the little progress we are all making from the confinements of our homes wouldn’t be possible.

eCommerce Apps

Before we even begin; if there is any mobile app that will succeed amid the pandemic is an eCommerce app. As I sit here and write this, I myself have found it necessary for applications that deliver necessary goods in a limited amount of time at my doorstep. However, with many pre-existing applications running their campaigns, there are either delays in deliveries or applications that have a confusing layout.

Either way, an eCommerce app that is user-friendly, has been developed keeping the current needs and requirements of the target audience in mind, which is heavily in demand. If you have one in the pipeline, then there are software development companies in Houston that would love to bring it to reality.

Healthcare Apps

Another heavily downloaded mobile apps have been related to healthcare. Considering the severe situation of overflowing COVID wards and exhausted medical staff, the need for online doctor appointment apps have become necessary.

Not everyone can go meet the doctor and yet everyone has the right to get themselves checked. This is why online consultation and appointment apps are being downloaded heavily.

This is another sector you can tap into if you have the budget for an app. It is rewarding humanitarian wise and also in terms of revenue. So if you are not sure what should be its features, revenue model, and development plan – then check our blog about Online Doctor Appointment App.

Food Delivery Apps

There has been such a drastic change within the world due to Coronavirus. Your favorite hotels, eatery places, and snack stalls have all come to a complete shutdown. This is why the food delivery apps have become the only source to get access to delicious food that once was easily available.

However, it depends on the country’s protocols and whether they have allowed riders to operate during a lockdown or not. Hence, it is safe to say that delivery apps are working great in countries that are maintaining lockdown but allowing restaurants to deliver food through delivery apps.

Educational Apps

Another type of app that is at its best right now in terms of usage and download rate is an e-learning app. The majority of the countries, if not all of them, have schools under a complete shutdown. This is why, in order to keep the cycle of education running, students and teachers are relying on these apps. In fact, add parents as well.

Since many schools are not operating online as well and have simply announced holidays, parents are taking charge. They are downloading these helpful e-learning applications and doing their best to educate their children.

Not only schools, universities, and student bodies – but professionals have also taken the opportunity of working from home to learn new skills. What better way to do that then through educational mobile apps that enable you to learn from any place at your home – and in any position for that matter (haha!).

Cab and Travel Booking Apps

These kinds of applications are one that once was a necessity and now just lying on our phones. COVID has placed travel and booking sectors in a tough position. However, once the lockdown is eased or removed entirely, these apps will witness a peak as many would require their services to commute.

If anything that COVID taught us is to never take life for granted. Once this lockdown is over, everyone will gravitate towards the normality of cab booking for the commute to flight booking for pleaser and business.

In Conclusion

Mobile app development doesn’t seem to be phasing out like other sectors because of COVID. Moreover, those businesses that can extend their services through mobile applications have a great chance to tap into the market and rake decent ROI.

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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