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Software Development Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2020

Software development trends have to accommodate the rapidly changing technologies. Year 2020 is no different with newer software development trends that will stick around for a longer time.

The world of information technology (IT) has advanced to unprecedented amounts during the recent years with Artificial Intelligence (AI) slowly yet steadily becoming an integral component in various projects; along with many other technologies following the route to popularity. Of course, IT encompasses several aspects including software development.

Software development in its essence.

Software development alone has revolutionized the world as we speak with countless software development companies successfully operating behind the scenes in creating useful software.

The process is extensive with the agile approach – starting from requirement gathering, analysis, designing the map that includes various intricacies like hardware and system requirements. Then comes the implementation phase involving coding and later testing, deployment and maintenance.

Among the many companies that are operating providing clients with impeccable service along with quality deliverance of their product, is KoderLabs Dallas. Considering the startup culture that has overtaken the marketplace, KoderLabs is no different – with its own success story.

Popular software trends.

The word ‘trend’ has a certain disassociation with the tech realm and is more popularly used for fashion and social media. However, development trends do exist considering the technology is ever-changing, evolving and advancing with newer or improved methodologies.

There are a plethora of trends that emerged pertaining to software development in 2019 but only a few survived the fast decline and ‘in with the new, out with the old’ pace in tech world.

The top software trends that are taking the world forward improving experiences through high-tech devices are as follows:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Via Getting-Smart

Automation has been the main goal since the beginning of the dawn of software development; translating human menial to heavier tasks on to applications. In addition to this, Artificial Intelligence takes it further by ‘thinking’ intelligently for humans as well.

To place it more simply, AI programming includes three basic components- learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

2. Mixed Reality (MR)

Software trend of 2020
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This is where the trend increases the demand for the companies and resources, capable of delivering state of the art experience. Which experience? Mixed reality; which is the combination of two technologies – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

It is simulations brought to reality through AR. Of course, its popularity grew after its integration with smartphones. Which in turn, increased the demand for AR applications and its developers. Companies started to join the bandwagon by wanting to bring their own applications in the market.

3. Progressive Web Applications

Many software development companies have gravitated towards the development of these progressive applications that are a hybrid of mobile and web applications. Unlike web apps, they heavily rely on scripts called service worker. These progressive apps majorly work on these scripts.

Among the many differences from the traditional applications, these load faster, even on slow internet speed.

4. Low Code Development

Eliminating the complex codes and intertwined dependencies, low code development can be referred to as lego blocks. Only, these are of code that many software development companies are adapting; since the code becomes easier for the clients to grasp and enables them to modify as they see fit.

However, the only downside to this particular trend is that when it comes to complex infrastructure and designing- low code development isn’t simply the best route to take in terms of coding practices.

5. Programming Trends

Just like software development trends, programming tools and techniques also experiences trends – where some new programming languages and frameworks last to become one of the front runners while some fade away as soon as they appear. Such is the dilemma of the development sector.

Taking the example of Javascript and PHP, that have become the main languages used for front and back-end development. Python was the underdog that has survived through the changing storm, rose to stardom and now is widely used for AI and ML dev.

6. Instant Apps

Apps that do not retain your smartphone’s memory. These instant apps have become one of the top trends that will continue well into 2020’s end or further.

How? These apps acquire the features of an application but run like a web application. Moreover, they can also assist developers in testing their mobile applications before launch. In addition, they are smaller in size.

7. Outsourcing Software Development

This is one trend that has established itself in the previous year of 2019 and is only gaining more momentum, ever since. Further, as many non-software development companies are realizing the need for cutting-edge technology, they are outsourcing their software needs and reducing the cost by an exponential amount; as compared to hiring an in-house team.

IT outsourcing market hike in graphical form.

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Via Hackernoon

8. Edge Computing

Necessity drove the development of Edge Computing. In addition, to be more precise, with the increase in IoT devices and the installation of 5G fast wireless there is an influx of data that is created and transmitted at the same time.

This is where edge computing comes in. The services and hardware that it provides enable a large amount of data to be processed and stored locally; instead of processing it in a centralized or cloud-based location.

Gartner defines edge computing as, “a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information.”

9. 5G Network

Last but not least, the 5G network. Long-time coming but this uber-fast internet connectivity has many companies dealing in software development on the edge of their seats, as this will open many pathways to optimized mobile applications and various developments pertaining to 3D gaming and augmented reality enabled apps.

Of course, this was just the tip of the iceberg- as technology has one thing constant; that is ‘change’. So although these trends have a stronghold at the moment, many more technologies are bound to arise and keep software development companies on the constant look-out!

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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