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KoderLabs’s Momentpin Ready for an Exclusive Feature at The 39th GITEX Technology Week 2019

From 6-10 October, technology startups will join the flock in Dubai to showcase their innovations and creative advancements

From 6-10 October, technology startups will join the flock in Dubai to showcase their innovations and creative advancements at the 39th GITEX Technology Week 2019. GITEX is a technology-oriented exhibition in the MENA region where giants like Amazon Web Services to China Mobile proudly present their unique offers.  

Under the theme of ‘Synergising the Mind and Technology Economy,’ this leaders’ corner offers an inevitable opportunity to explore megatrends like 5G, future mobility, artificial intelligence, lifestyle technology, and smart cities. The massive event will allow tech companies to put their front foot forward with their significant products and solutions, where KoderLabs, a rising software, and development firm, will also join for the first time with a perceptible distinction.  

As a thriving company of developers, designers, software engineers, and mobile wizards, KoderLabs offers a multitude of services ranging from website design and development to complete data solution packages for businesses. At GITEX 2019, they aim to roll out their groundbreaking product, Momentpin – a social app that focuses on sharing moments with highly enticing features.

What Is Momentpin?

Unlike social media apps steamrolling the world, Momentpin gives you the moments to cherish your private space with its no-broadcasting social networking approach. It enables you to create, organize, and share your desired ‘moments’ with your loved ones. The reason that makes it special is that it lets you connect with individuals you know and recognize in real life.

In response to the privacy issues hot-footing through social media sites, Momentpin is developed with an impenetrable security protocol, where user privacy is immensely prioritized. With a bolstered account, it protects your children from online harm as well.

What Does It Do?

  • Data Ownership & Personalized Feed

Though privacy remains a concern for many, security and privacy are the two main motives of Momentpin. The app provides complete data ownership to the user and provides you with a personalized feed as per your interest.

  • Family Safety

As a family-oriented app, Momentpin helps you find your family members and friends on the app and send them personalized invites. You can now share your memories without having to worry about the privacy and security of your data.

  • Child Account

Another intriguing core feature supported by Momentpin is the child account. Keeping every parent’s concern in view, this app is a haven for children, parents, and communities. They can safely scoot through the network, remain engaged with the app’s fun areas, join the ‘Social Sandpit’ to learn and grow effectively. The best part? It will let parents keep aware of the children’s activity without making them feel restricted or monitored.

  • In-app Purchases

Momentpin also leverages communities the chance to interact with their audience directly. With communication at ease, users will be able to access premium events in a community. Another highlight is the donation feature, where users can contribute to communal well-being. As a trusted companion, Momentpin will ease the payment and transaction hassle to the most secure and suite to the user’s interest.

  • In-App Engagement

Aside from sharing content, Momentpin will help you organize polls, keep a record of attendance, deliver feedback, and even help assign tasks. Since you’ll be in charge of your data, whatever you post will be entirely under your control; the app will not analyze your personal information and will not share or sell it to anyone.

Momentpin will be the next breakthrough in the social-sharing app domain. This way, KoderLabs aims to catapult the tomorrow’s idea of easing user privacy and child protection in GITEX 2019.
Find KoderLabs in Dubai during 6-10 October 2019 at Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 1, Stand H1-C4.

Learn more about the company and their services at www.koderlabs.com.

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