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Twitter Testing New Thread layout

Twitter Update: A New Threaded Conversation Layout Is in the Works

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Twitter News Update:

Twitter New Thread Layout Feature
Via How-To-Geek

Twitter has been in the social media game since 20O6. Since then, it has seen considerable improvements and changes over the course of 14 years. Now, Twitter is experimenting with its threaded conversation feature to bring a cleaner and sleeker layout on iOS and the web.

This comes as great news since Twitter isn’t just about tweeting anymore. In fact, it is more about communicating with each other which often converts into a long thread making it confusing to keep track of who is talking to who.

Twitter Support account posted a GIF depicting the changes to the thread layout; which shows the use of lines and indentations for a clear indication of the reply that is meant for a specific tweet.

This definitely looks cleaner, organized, and helpful when the threads become viral and long. The platform has been playing with this layout on its prototype app twttr, for over the past year.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, even posted a demo on her own account in early April. From her demo, you can see that clicking on a tweet in the threaded layout expands, highlighting it and making it easier for you to reply to it.

This feature has the potential to boost engagement and create an interest in other non-users to sign up on this platform. What do you think?

In Other News:

Twitter hasn’t been taking a backseat in updating its mobile and web app. It has been experimenting with several different types of layouts for quite some time now. Like putting labels on conversation threads for example.

Something similar to this did roll out this February for iOS users. As for the latest threaded feature, it is yet to become available widely. For now, it is available to some iOS users and the web for experimentation purposes. If this feature does well with the public, then we can see it on our phones as well.

I hope this rolls out soon. Because for someone who was a regular user of Twitter, this neat feature will definitely make me want to use Twitter again. What about you?

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