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3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website for Free and Increase Its Traffic

How to promote website for free?

The world of technology with its progression has allowed businesses to thrive, but on the other hand, the competition has become stiffer due to saturation. Meaning, there are several businesses competing for the same spot; be it their mobile applications or websites. Everyone wants visibility, leads, conversions, and high revenue. However, the road to achieving this doesn’t come just with launching your software. There is much more.

If we speak about websites, in particular, getting their development right with the necessary features and deployment won’t miraculously get it the recognition you are aiming for. For that, you would need to make promotional and marketing efforts that do not come at a cheap price. So, if you are a business that doesn’t have the financial budget for advertisements and other marketing campaigns, then you are in the right place.

There are several ways you can promote your website……and for free. So stick around and explore your best options.

Let’s start with the obvious one, which every website requires for maximum visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Ways to Promote Your Website for Free and Increase Traffic

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a technique that improves and elevates the ranking of your site in search engines; primarily Google. Your goal is to land your site on the first page of Google for a target keyword(s), preferably on the top spot.

For example, let’s assume your website sells water bottles (I was just thirsty, not out of ideas!) and your website ranks first on Google search results for “Cute water bottles for sale”. Just imagine the amount of traffic you will receive and if they like what they see, you can expect decent sales as well – provided there are several people searching with this phrase.

However, SEO can be a pain and complex. With that caution thrown at you, I must also give you hope that when looking for scalability and long-term results – SEO is your go-to tactic.

Let’s go over the basics that you should know.

  • Produce the right content: When we say the ‘right’ content, we mean the kind that is A) relevant to your niche and business B) has organic search potential. For this, you need to ace your keyword researching skills and the best way to do that is with the help of available tools like Ahref.
    So, once you are aware of the available thriving market for certain keywords that your content will include, you can confidently go ahead and post it. Now if and when your content ranks for multiple search terms, you will automatically observe a surge in traffic.
  • Optimize your content for people and Google: There is much that goes into content optimization and cannot be covered here briefly. However, in order to give you a small idea about it, consider that it is an amalgamation of multiple factors. Those factors include research, copywriting, Keyword research, and usage within the content, image optimization, and much much more.
  • Link Building: Link building in simple words means another page (of another website) links to your website. Google considers this an important marker of how important or valued your website is. If many high-quality websites are linking to your site, then that increases your site’s authority and ultimately influences your ranking on search engines; boosting it several notches up.

So, once you write great and optimized content -you can publish it- then start building backlinks to it.

2) Guest Blogs

Guest blogs in a nutshell are where you write for other blogs. This strategy benefits you in multiple ways – that is – through backlinks, authority within your niche, referral traffic to your website, and some decent connections within the industry.

However, you mustn’t completely rely on guest blogging for traffic and long-term website promotion. Although guest blogging is definitely a great strategy to develop a solid backlink profile, it is not the best when it comes to diverting ‘consistent’ traffic to your website for the long-run.

So, how can you achieve guest blogging?

  • Find relevant and quality blogs: You cannot just randomly pick great blogs and ask them to post your content. What if they are not even close to your niche and do not have the audience that will be interested in your blog, let alone your website.

  • Hence, you are required to do your research and target blogs that are in line with the niche your serve. Because of those high quality and relevant blogs are where the right audience resides.
  • Prepare a solid pitch: Yes, you do require to make some effort while making your case for your guest blog posting. No one likes to receive spam emails with a generic looking vague pitch about how great their gust post addition will be, no matter how irrelevant to the target website’s niche it may be.
    Do you see where I am going with this? So, in order to land a great impression of your website and develop meaningful connections, is to add value in your pitches. Make them personalized and well researched.
    For starters, read about the blog you are planning on targeting and about the kind of content they produce. Get acquainted with their style, guidelines, and potential topics they might be interested in.

  • Once you curate a pitch that is personalized, they are bound to be impressed and have your idea on-board quicker than expected. Consider personalized pitch as a way to show them respect for their work and blog – who doesn’t like recognition?
  • Now write that guest post: The majority of the blogs that accept guest posts have a page explaining the submission guidelines. If there aren’t any, then simply follow the formatting of the blogs posted on their site. If their articles span more than 2000 mark and have one internal link to one of their existing blogs, then do the same.

3) Tap into the Social Power

By social power, I mean all your social media platforms. They are free, easily accessible, and provide reach to a massive audience. You just have to find yours on the ones you choose to promote your website.

Now, you need to be smart about these social platforms and not try to hop on to each and everyone as not all are meant for your business. You need to research the platform your audience resides in and then target those accordingly.

The obvious channels where you should promote your website are:

  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Twitter

These are the social giants you simply cannot skip on. Since we are speaking about ‘free’ ways you can promote your site on, the above-suggested places are brimming with potential clients/customers/visitors. With the right promotional/marketing techniques, you are bound to reach the right audience and that too for no cost.

But Before All This, Is Your Website Well-Built?

Remember, all your marketing efforts to bring traffic to your website will be rendered useless if your website looks and feel sloppy. If so, then you will be met with a high bounce rate where users leave without initiating any contact with your site.

This is why make sure you are partnering up with a reliable custom software development company that will create a website that is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and serves an impeccable user experience. In case you are wondering how to update your website, then this blog on Website Updating Strategies might give you an insight.

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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