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Top 5 Impressive Free Video Editing Software of 2020

With the surge in popularity of video content, free video editing software have enabled anyone to produce high-quality videos, using high-end features.

We are living in times where videos have become the most consumed and popular type of content among the audience. So much so, that creating high quality and engaging videos has become the main source of income for many; take YouTubers for example.

These videos that span from 4 minutes to half an hour or more aren’t just recorded and uploaded in a jiffy. In fact, there are hours of editing that goes behind those few minutes of videos that you view on YouTube or other social platforms. Basically, those video editing software is where all the magic happens (Of course, that magic includes immense hard work).

However, with modern video editing tools available, the editing itself has become tremendously easy, and an activity that doesn’t require special training. Anyone (regardless of the equipment or experience they possess) can easily navigate through a user-friendly interface; and by utilizing various powerful editing tools within the software, edit their footage, and upload.

So if you are an aspiring vlogger on YouTube or planning on uploading videos and looking for a video editing software that suits your needs and doesn’t empty your pockets – then keep on reading, as we have compiled a list of best free video editing tools for 2020.

Free Video Editing Software

Luckily, the free video editing software available are if not equally then as powerful as their paid counterparts. The amazing features that are packed within the free editing tools enable heavy and professional production. All there is left for you to add is your creativity, originality, and effort.

Some of the listed free video editing software come with a premium version that includes more features at a certain price tag. However, the unlocked features cater to most of your editing requirements perfectly. So let’s discuss each in detail.

1) Hitfilm Express

Free Video editing software for pc
Via Softonic

Platform: Windows, Mac

Key Features: Nearly 180 visual effects, MP4 H.264 export, 2D and 3D effects compositing, Several import formats available

Negatives: Powerful system required to run this software, odd download process,

Hitfilm Express is a capable free video editing software that allows high-quality production of films, music videos, and even YouTube videos as it supports direct uploading to the popular video platform.

It is much more than just a basic-level editing software; which normally includes trimming the video, color grading, and exporting in different formats. With its professional-level tools, you can add special effects including 3D and work with many filters; which makes HitFilm Express a complete suite.

Some of those professional tools include:

  • Advanced cutting tools
  • 3D video support
  • Audio and video filters
  • Layers and masking
  • Keying for green screen effects
  • Compositing tools

The free version of HitFilm Express is more than enough, but paid add-on features can also be purchased according to the requirements for maximum benefits. The add-on packs start from $7 and onwards. This gives you the freedom to customize your video editing software, without having to buy unnecessary features,

2) Shotcut

Video Editing Tool for PC
Via Shotcut.org

Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows

Key Features: Supports 4K resolutions, fully customizable filters, Great interface, Uses FFmpeg, Comprehensive video and audio editing software, An extensive range of file formats

Negatives: Only good for basic video editing

One of the best parts about Shotcut is that it is ad-free, and doesn’t have any bundled adware, or any locked features with a price-tag. It is a classic open-source video editing software that can replace Windows Movie Maker – giving you additional features and an upgrade.

In addition to having an easy interface, it provides options for customization. How? Through its dockable and undockable panels. You also get to play with a wide range of filters and advanced special effects that are easily applicable. In a nutshell, Shotcut is every beginner’s dream editing software.

Bonus: Shotcut can save and edit footage from webcam and supports streaming in multiple formats that include HTTP, MMS, UDP, RTMP, HLS, and RTSP.

3) DaVinci Resolve

professional video editing software free download
Via Engadget

Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows

Key Features: Great color-correcting functionalities, Fairlight audio tools, Possesses AI Neural Engine, Multi-use collaboration supported, Compatible with Fairlight Consoles

Negatives: Depends on the version you are using

This powerful free tool specializes in color correction and audio editing. So if these are your priorities, then DaVinci Resolve is a great contender and that too free of cost. Moreover, this all-in-one video editing software uses Fairlight- a professional audio editing suite that enables mixing and mastering of around 1000 channels.

Bonus: Apart from the traditional color editing features, it also provides facial recognition and tracking capabilities; that allow color adjustments of skin tone, eye color, and lip color.

So if you are looking for a free video editing software that packs a high-end audio editing suite then DaVinci Resolve is your best bet. It is also continuously updated with improvements and new features, too.

4) Lightworks

Video Editing Software Tools 2020
Via ProVideo Coalition

Platform: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

Key Features: Supports project sharing, Multicam editing, Direct output to YouTube or Vimeo, Plenty of tutorial videos available, Real-time effects

Negatives: Steep learning curve, Only web-compatible export file supported

This power-packed video editing software allows direct recording from the cameras. Comparatively, it can be overwhelming to use at the start, but once you have the hang of its functionalities – the sky is the limit.

Lightworks’ professional edition is a renowned tool in Hollywood, as it has been used on various blockbuster productions; that includes 28 Days Later, Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street, and many more.

So you can imagine how powerful its free version is. And has one visible drawback. Which is, that it only exports web compatible files at 720p. As for tough navigation – there are many tutorials to help you get started.

Bonus: Lightworks comes with real-time effects integrated that include color correction, blurring, and masks among others. This feature helps you with complex rendering and encoding processes as well.

Of course, this was just Lightworks in a nutshell – there is much to explore and implement using its various features, quality tools, and several options.


Video Editing software for PC
Via videosoftdev.com

Platform: Windows

Key Features: Video Stabiliser, Chart tool, a wide range of file formats supported, Supports 120fps video export, Non-linear editing, Easy to learn, Built-in DVD burner, Supports GoPro footage, a Good many special effects

Negatives: To export videos, hardware acceleration needs disabling

A great video editing software available free of cost, that is perfect for presentations and basic video production. Moreover, it comes with a variety of formats that you can export your finished projects in. Also, there is a built-in screen capture tool that you can use to capture still images and record videos from.

Bonus: It has a retro functionality- which is letting you burn your projects onto a DVD.

Editing Videos Made Easy

These were some of the best video editing software that are available for free, are easy to use, and give premium functionalities – making a filmmaker out of everyone. However, with the increase in demand for a user-friendly and easily downloadable video editing software; businesses have come up with video editing products of their own – with reputable software development companies converting them into reality.

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