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COVID-19 App Development: A New Outlook to Mobile Apps

As the world battles with COVID-19 through social distancing and global quarantine, the role of technology, specifically mobile apps, has become evident as people gravitate towards them for work, entertainment, engagement, and to stay connected with each other.

Mobile Apps on Coronavirus
Via World Economic Forum

World Health Organizations and major enterprises are focusing on creating mobile apps that keep the world informed and safe from COVID-19; WHO Health Alert in collaboration with WhatsApp. This, in turn, has led to businesses invest in Android and iOS mobile app development services in order to contribute to the larger cause. In addition, existing major brands like Snapchat has already done so with exclusive COVID-19 features.

Mobile App Development: The Modern Battle Tool Against COVID-19?

Yes, why not? The cure for this virus is still under development by scientists around the world, but mobile apps have been the main vehicle driving the ultimate campaign of social distancing and launching of authentic information regarding the pandemic, forward. More so, they are enabling people to do the activities remotely that they otherwise would do physically under normal circumstances; take grocery mobile apps and online classes for example.

Why a Mobile App Than a Web App?

However, one may think that why app services and not web apps? Simple. Because of easy and faster access to apps within their smartphone that also has the ability to function offline, than having to log into a browser to access a website or a web app. Not to mention the push notification, updates, and alerts you can receive from a mobile app; especially from a COVID-19 app.

In addition to this, users spend the majority of their time using apps.

Mobile Apps are used more

Mobile app development industry in itself has been a thriving sector, and now with COVID-19 crippling the world and bringing everything to a standstill, the mobile apps have yet again proven to be a useful source to carry out many activities.

This pandemic has also increased the need for various apps like a doctor appointment booking app, grocery app, e-learning apps, and more COVID-19 apps.

With a few COVID-19 apps available, there is still a major gap that needs to be filled in terms of cultural and linguistic barriers. Yes, there are options to launch apps in different languages, but there is still a large chunk of the audience that would gravitate towards apps that truly feels familiar.

First and Foremost:

How Does a COVID-19 App Help Us?

It largely depends on the features it offers, But if we speak about the obvious benefits then they are:

  • The app can suggest nearby COVID-19 detention centers or hospitals that have test kits and more.
  • It can help you do a thorough self-assessment for symptoms by providing an authentic check-list.
  • COVID-19 app can detect people’s locations that suffer from Coronavirus.
  • It can also alert you if you are in close proximity to an affected person or if you have come in contact with one recently.
  • The app can also include features to send area and country-wise news on the pandemic on top of the global news updates.
  • Another feature that can be added to provide a complete user experience is the integration of a grocery store that is willing to extend its services online.

A software development company will help you take this vision forward and provide after-services to make sure your app runs smoothly.

In case you are having trouble as to how and what exactly your COVID-19 mobile app should provide to its users; the following COVID-19 apps will help you conceptualize.


1. COVIDSafe

Australia launched a corona tracing app this Sunday that is based on Singapore’s TraceTogether software and within few hours of its launch, it already had over a million downloads.

The app uses Bluetooth and stored contact data. Moreover, it doesn’t collect data unless the infected person gives consent to share it with the app.

This collected information then allows COVIDSafe to enable devices to conduct a ‘digital handshake’ whenever they come within 5 feet of each other. Furthermore, it notifies users if they have come into contact for more than 15 mins with a COVID-positive person.

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

Yes, this is an app that is based on a machine-learning algorithm that identifies your images touching your face, and when you are not. Once it adopts, learns, and familiarizes with your gestures, it can send you a notification every time your hands get in contact with your face.

Definitely a remarkable app for current circumstances when the doctors and medical experts around the world are advising against touching your face; since the virus transfers from your hands through your mouth, eyes, and nose into your system. Don’t Touch Your face app is definitely going to make lives easier in these tough times.

3. COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker app is definitely smart as not only it allows you to report your symptoms for early medical care and diagnosis, it also automatically sends alerts to the contacts of an infected person as well.

The app categorizes its users in three ways.

A) Those that have been tested negative and are asymptomatic are marked green. B) Users who have symptoms but haven’t been tested are marked in yellow. C) Those that tested COVID positive are identified with pink color.

4. Youper

We are already observing a mass mental breakdown with the majority complaining about feeling very anxious and depressed. This is understandable considering the uncertain times and complete isolation within one’s houses.

For this, the Youper app is built to provide emotional health assistance using artificial intelligence. The app helps manage the moods of its users, reduces anxiety, and helps them improve their sleep patterns.

Since Youper is a mental health assistance app, it makes use of several approaches like
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness. These enable users to understand their emotions and mental state better. All in all, this is a must-have app in your phone during this pandemic.

5. Daylio

Another app that comes recommended by therapists allowing users to keep a private journal and daily tracking of your mood. Of course, no one needs a boring app and Daylio has creative features like including notes to your every entry using emojis, assigning different colors to their entries that depict their mood better, and much more.

Last but not the least, what is the point of having a private journal that can easily be accessed when tapped on the app icon? For this, Daylio provides a lock that you can switch on.

6. The CDC App

CDC stands for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention app that brings the latest and authentic information regarding the virus. In addition, the app also suggests useful and important advice on how to prevent yourself. Specifically for the US citizens; the app shares the latest information about the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in every US state.

Let’s Build Your Own COVID-19 App

This is the best time to contribute to society through a constructive mobile app that gives them the necessary information and assistance regarding this pandemic. If you have a mobile app idea or a business idea then connect with KoderLabs. It is a custom software development company in Houston housing skilled IT professionals converting ideas into winning software products.

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