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Apex Legends Update Shows Skilled-Based Matchmaking Is Staying

The battle royale game Apex Legends is receiving quite a lot of tough love from its communities, fans, and pro-gamers over skill-based matchmaking mechanism and glitches.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has been infuriating the Apex Legends gamers from quite some time. Unfortunately, much to their protest nothing has been done so far. If anything the developer reinforced the feature, according to the sources.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that is currently in its 4th season.
Respawn Entertainment developed it and Electronic Arts published it. So far, the game is facing a bitter-sweet backlash for SBMM and some glitches. So what’s the update? Keep on reading.

Skilled Based Matchmaking Apex
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What is Skilled-Based Matchmaking in Apex Legends?

For those that are not familiar with this term; As the name goes ‘Skill-based Matchmaking’, the players are matched with other players of similar skill. So you could be playing against an opponent team that has roughly the same level of skills and knowledge as your team. Communities refer it to by SBMM.

This has been making the Apex Legends community feel sour because of the competitive advantage skilled players would have over the weaker ones in public lobbies. The majority of the community was in favor of SBMM existing only in Ranked playlists. Moreover, fans even asked the Respawn developers to reconsider this option, and obliterate entirely if possible – at least from the lobbies. Why? Because having matched with the same skill in both playlists leaves no room for thrill and enjoyment.

apex legends sbmm removed
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The Controversial Feature Is Staying: Apex Legends Puts Objections to Rest

According to the Respawn developer, 80-90% of the player base benefits from skilled-based matchmaking in Apex Legends, in various ways. However, this news didn’t sit well with the vocal-communities, and one fan still took it to Twitter to ask the Respawn developer to remove SBMM.

One Meme to Shut Them All? Fans Not Thrilled.

Have a look at yourself.

This response definitely left communities feeling unimportant and well, enraged. However,
Apex Legends has already made the decision which gives weaker players a significant advantage but takes away much of the power of being a pro-Apex Legends gamer from the talented ones.

In other news, video game development has been making significant improvements with the integration of artificial intelligence enabling life-like gaming environments and even facilitating software development companies to have more creative flow with AI handling tedious tasks. There are various components depending on the game type, that are AI-controlled. As for Apex Legends, it was the bots.

Speaking of development and game developers, Apex Legends addressed the latest glitch driving players nuts.

Apex Legends Respond to the Gun Glitch Concerns

Respawn Entertainment design director Jason McCord addressed the issue of a recurring glitch in the supply bins causing weapons and ammo to swap, leaving players with the wrong loot. He said, “Yeah, we know. We got a fix coming!”

This bug has been driving players crazy as in any battle royale gameplay, loot is the most important element that is one of the main deciding factors of your win or loss. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the swapping, but wrong items are being displayed as well – leaving a sense of distrust of the supply bins.

Hopefully, this glitch will be resolved as soon as possible so Apex Legends players can take a sigh of relief.

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