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5 Positive Impacts Of A Great UI/UX Design On Your Business

In a time where aesthetics have become a trend, it is imperative to bank on a great UI/UX design that provides an excellent user experience, ultimately ensuring the business’s success.

In this digital era, user experience drives a software product’s success, whether B2B or B2C. Hence, it has become imperative for businesses to understand the significance of a seamless UI/UX design for their product.

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Software that adds great value in terms of functionality, usability, and integration is essential; but, unless its interface isn’t appealing and enabling an interactive user experience, the product is bound to fail.

Not only the mobile and web application market is saturated with more than one option available to serve with the same functionality, but even if your product is unique – a poor UI/UX design will drive away from the customers and lower your business’s online presence.

This is why a software development company hunts skilled UI/UX designers, who have an understanding of the best developing practices and design trends keeping bigger to even the smallest details in check – ultimately ensuring a positive user experience design.

52% of the users do not re-visit a website because of poor aesthetics.

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To better understand the importance of good design, know that statistics show that you have an average of 8 seconds to really convince a potential customer/user to stick around for a longer time; as 53% of the mobile users leave a website after 3 seconds. Moreover, 52% of the users said they didn’t return because of poor aesthetics.

Key components of user experience.

Which enforces the need for a well planned and tested UX design. Here are the key components of the user experience.

  • User Design: Images, color palettes, text, videos, background.
  • Interface Layout: Planning of interface behavior and pages.
  • Page Hierarchy: Pages should have consistency, flow, and connectivity.
  • Usability: Ensure maximized usability by providing users with easy interactions with the application.
  • Information Placement: Placing high-quality content effectively, driving conversion.

How businesses benefit from a great UI/UX design?

These main elements when optimized, resulting in the following benefits for your business.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase in conversion
  • Enabling customer retention
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in ROI

Forrester Research claims that every dollar invested in UX design can return 100% ROI. So, investing in a great user experience design will not go to waste, in the current time. In addition, let’s discuss the additional 5 advantages a business reaps with a great UI/UX design.

1. Reduces Development Cost & Time

The aim should be to do extensive research on your product, its features, and various other design details including user behavior to get the design right first time around.

Further, with the evolving technology, changing business strategies, and increasing user-demands – the UI/UX design of any website or software product is a continuous process of change and work-in-progress.

This practice of a well-thought-out and planned UI/UX design helps to target development efforts onto the areas of core functionalities. Instead of wasting it in re-designing and fixing errors.

2. Reduces the Cost of Support

It is a chain reaction that occurs if the design is bad. Think in the areas of excessive documentation, re-doing of various basic elements, re-adjustments according to the user behavior, so on, and so forth.

All the extra work and support resulting from poorly designed app translates to high cost. However, a well-designed app will work in all areas of concern, reducing any need for re-engineering.

Another point to understand is that the UI/UX design doesn’t concern with just the ‘look & feel’ of the application – but it encompasses various aspects as a whole, including functionality, usability, and more.

3. Increases Profits

Aesthetics, as discussed, play a crucial part in attracting customers and arousing their curiosity. Nearly 75% of the people place their judgments on the design aspects of an app.

Again, a ripple effect is created. A well-designed application is bound to engage users resulting in conversion; also, increasing profits, customer acquisition, and customer base.

Things like how fast a page loads, to how easily understandable the layout of an app is, how interesting the content is, and smart navigation; all add to an app’s success.

Important Note: Customer’s pay for quality. If you have a great set of functionality coupled with an impressive UX design – customers are more likely to acquire your app at a high price point.

4. Generates Customer Retention

Since UI/UX design caters to the users, it is important for the designers to think like one. For this, a designer curates a customer journey map (CJM).

Customer Journey Map for better UI/UX design.
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What is the customer journey map?

It’s a user behavioral map that includes a visual and graphical representation of a user’s journey through the application.

All this process is undertaken to provide a great positive experience, so the customer becomes loyal and considers the app as a resource they can go back to when needed.

5. Increases Productivity

This is a subjective element that depends entirely on the company and how they are maximizing productivity through an effective UI/UX design.

In a generic setting, however, an application that has a high-performing design enables productivity in terms of progress. This progress is only possible when a great UI/UX design is driving user-engagement, conversion to sales, and is giving developers the opportunity to add features further.

In a nutshell, allowing every department and team of your business to focus on future goals.

Lastly, don’t forget to tell your brand’s story.

Lastly, but certainly not the least is do not forget to tell a story through your design interface. Personalizing a user’s experience makes it easier for them to relate to your brand’s vision. Hence, make sure your design is customer-centric with a smooth end-to-end experience.

Little details take your far – stay consistent in maintaining and updating your application (Web or Mobile) also plays a part in retaining customer-base. Further, keep an eye on customer feedback – they will tell you more about your points of improvement or their own demand regarding a new functionality.

So if you are getting started with your business and want to invest in a product of your own, make sure you are choosing the right custom software development company – that can not only give you a winning functionality but also an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX design.

It is imperative to build on your online presence by providing a great customer experience through an optimized UI/UX interface.

Muniza Ashraf

Muniza Ashraf is a software engineer turned technical writer with extensive experience in various niches, especially all-things-tech-related. If she isn’t writing, she is researching to bring information in the best way possible. Currently, she is associated with KoderLabs, a custom software development company in Dallas.

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