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WhatsApp Self disappearing Messages Feature

WhatsApp Update: Self-Destructing Messages Feature May Finally Arrive

Self destructing messages feature may finally come to our WhatsApp, as hinted by the latest WhatsApp beta builds for Android.

It was being rumored since 2019 that WhatsApp will finally get a self-destructing message feature. Up till now, two of its consecutive WhatsApp beta versions have given the green light on this news. However, these are still just beta versions. So we cannot get our hopes up.

WhatsApp Messages
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As to what is this rumor about self-destructing messages? It is giving users the option to decide how long their messages will last before they are automatically deleted. For this, there will be a timer with certain options. So far, the sources say that the timer could be somewhere from an hour to a whole year before they are erased.

Whatsapp updates
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Previously, it was rumored that the self-destructing message feature will be available for WhatsApp groups only, but according to the latest beta release, it is confirmed that this feature will work for individual chats too.

Self-Destructive Messages Accompanied By A Timer Icon – How Effective?

Upon testing the upcoming version of WhatsApp (2.20.84), it was discovered that the messages sent with a self-destructing timer will appear with a small clock icon on the right. Whether this icon will be visible to the receiver or not hasn’t been confirmed. However, if it does then there is no point in sending risky messages, as they will be screenshotted.

WhatsApp Timer messages
Via GSMArena

Nonetheless, this feature is geared towards providing its users with some level of privacy. If someone gains access to their device, their most private or confidential messages will be deleted; leaving nothing for the intruder(s). WhatsApp has become the go-to choice for not just individuals but for businesses as well to carry out their operations. A lot of the small organizations have workgroups where they communicate – so the self-deleting messages can come in handy.

WhatsApp is definitely slow to incorporate many of the basic features of most of the communication apps. As for the deleting option, it already exists in varying degrees in apps like Snapchat, Confide, Telegram, SpeakOn, and Wicker to name a few.

Recently, WhatsApp brought the dark mode for both iOS and Android users, and it was nothing short of relief, as it looks quite sleek. Although it took ages for one of the biggest messaging clients to roll out a simple feature. Hopefully, WhatsApp won’t take too long to release the self-destructing messages option.

WhatsApp’s Invisible Advantage

Lucky for WhatsApp harboring 1.5 billion active users and leaving the likes of Facebook and Instagram behind can take its time in bringing common features to its mobile app without losing any users. However, a software development company has to incorporate the latest features and trends into their messaging apps to keep up with the demand. On top of that, the skilled team of professionals has to ensure an aesthetically pleasing UI/UX design. Since a great U/UX design helps boost businesses tremendously.

All in all, WhatsApp has a great competitive edge against others but with the growing options and demand, even this messaging app giant has to keep up.

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