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Unleash the Potential of Digital Marketing through Augmented Reality 2019

2019 is the year of major digital transformation incorporated with augmented reality. From sales to branding and marketing, AR is evidently enhancing ROI which we are going to unleash by analyzing big brands marketing strategies.

Today media and marketing agencies are taking the content and advertisements to the next level that has increased the revenue evidently. From 3D billboards to social media campaigns, all have been transformed to inspire the target audience with exclusive experiences using technologies and digital platforms.

However, just like marketing agencies are stepping up their game, it is crucial to understand how advanced techniques and IT industry enabling companies to innovate the digital marketing aspects.

Therefore, today we will unleash the potential of digital marketing through Augmented Reality and how this innovative technology can influence on marketing if a great concept and right teamwork for it.

Augmented Reality (AR)

In a nutshell, Augmented Reality is basically a technology that combines digital information/details with the user’s environment in real-time. In other words, it is the enhanced version of real-time space we experience in real life using devices like mobile phone and tablet. A great example to sum up this concept is Pokemon Go that became one of the top trending games in 2018.

AR Feature & Devices Up-gradation

To avail and comprehend the potential of AR, the IT industry is emphasizing on mobile manufacturers to introduce AR feature in smartphones. As a result, new devices are now integrated with an AR feature that will unlock the potential of amazing ideas marketing agencies can use to leverage businesses.

Therefore, from Google to Apple and many other upcoming giant brands are now stepping up to integrate new smartphone models with AR feature that will help end-user undergo with the technology shift and trends of this era. What crucial to understand and utilize the potential of technology to work team or tech companies in Dallas that are providing top-notch services to develop complex projects and software.

IKEA: AR That Leverage Sales & Marketing

The leading furniture retailing giant of all time IKEA has revolutionized the way we use to purchase furniture. With AR technology, Ikea made it easier to estimate the size and view of the product into the existing space just by using the mobile app.

With such an incredible feature, the hassle of bringing product home without a proper understanding of its existence has exceedingly leveraged the sales. From Tech Crunch to popular media platforms, IKEA gained massive coverage and certainly the attention of the audience evidently.

Coca Cola: AR Campaign for Chines New Year

Augmented Reality does not limit to one concept, it is as diversified and flexible as our environment. From one dimension to another it can be used to create countless ways to avail the innovation it brings to the ground and other digital mediums. On this Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola used a unique strategy to grasp the attention of Coke consumers with an exciting offer using AR technology.

With an incredible mobile campaign, consumers enjoyed winning the money just by using their smartphone. By adding a QR code on Coke Ads, consumers were intrigued to scan the QR code and unlock the augmented reality feature that is added on AliPay (renowned payment mobile app by Alibaba Group). Since AliPay is trusted by 450 million users, the ad campaign successfully raises the sales bar up to 9% which indeed is a highly innovative way to engage the audience with massive sales treats.

OnePlus 6T Mobile Launch: A Unique AR Digital Marketing

Even though augmented reality feature is going to be available in almost all the updated mobile phones – However, this time OnePlus (Chinese Mobile Manufacturer Company) introduces a new way to market their new cellphone Launch in collaboration with McLaren Edition using a new way to reveal how AR features work in OnePlus 6t. To demonstrate and promote OnePlus brand, static images were added into the booklet of the mobile phone box. Once the camera scans the photos using the AR feature, it turns static images into a video that can be seen just by using the mobile phone camera.


Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most growing and in-demand features that are not only in demand for digital marketing but also getting attention from big mobile manufacturing companies. This and upcoming years, more brands are expected to bring highly-innovative campaign that will not only help consumers to get exclusive exposure to brands, but it is evidently increasing the sales and making the marketing campaign successful each passing day.

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