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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Comes To Android and iOS

One of the best iconic games of all time ‘Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’ just came to Android and iOS, leaving fans rejoiced.

SURPRISE! Konami just released a mobile version of the PlayStation 1 classic – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night out of the blue and right before its anime adaptation’s third season on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer for season 3, in case you missed.

The game is available on both iOS and Android for just $2.99. What’s more, is that the mobile app supports external game controllers for those not too fond of the on-screen virtual gamepad. In addition to this, these are the additional features this epic video game comes with:

  • New continue feature
  • Achievements unlock after successful battles
  • New UI for controls of transformation and special attacks
  • Can be played in six languages: English, French, Italian,
    Japanese, German, and Spanish
  • No in-app purchases
how to play symphony of the night
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However, the side-scrolling action-RPG is not based on the classic but on the PS4 and PSP versions. Yet the game retains the original pixel art aesthetics, which is definitely a nostalgia ride for the fans.

If we look into the ‘continue’ feature, it enables gamers to save and load their game from the previous save point; which is fantastic and much-needed.

News for Android Users

Konami threw caution for Pixel 4 users to turn off their phone’s Smooth Display feature that hints towards Android port not compatible with high-refresh-rate displays. So for users with Android devices containing high-refresh-rate may experience less smooth gameplay.

Download Links

Since a few days of its launch, it has accumulated 10K+ downloads in Google Play Store alone, with 4.4 and above rating. As for iOS, it sits at 4.1 in rating.

Here’s where you can download it for Android

Here’s where you can download it for iOS

We have to give it to Konami for cashing in on the anticipation and excitement of Symphony of the Night’s anime lovers who have been anxiously waiting for the third season. Now, with a fully functional app for both Android and iOS – it certainly is a surprise gift (which isn’t free, but worth it at the price of $3.

A Look in the Future of Mobile App Development

Console and PC games remain great in their own realms, but mobile video games have become the go-to choice for the masses. The accessibility factor has made them the winning platform and game mobile app development a thriving industry; add artificial intelligence to it, and you have futuristic gaming apps.

Software development companies are incomplete without their services of mobile app development that caters to the gaming sector as well. As for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’s mobile gaming app; we will have to wait and see how success pans out for it.

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