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Basic Guide Agile Approach for Successful Software Development

Software Development – A complex, intense and heavy-lifted exertion process that involves documentation, designing, programming, quality assurance and bug fixing to bring out a digital product works and perform over different frameworks and other software modules and component.

Since software development comprises multiple stages to complete the project, there are different approaches (methods) which are adapted to work most conveniently and progressively to build software of any complexity level.

 For instance, there is a diverse variety of software that takes a certain level of workload, resources and of course budget. However, in the case where extensive software development is required, there are different methodologies necessary to adapt for feasible development by using different methodologies that are necessary for the execution and project management.  

One of the most popular and modern methods adapted by qualified software development companies is an Agile Methodology. The other methodology includes a waterfall, spiral development, rapid application development, interactive and incremental development, and extreme programming to name a few.   

What Is Agile Methodology?

Technically, the agile methodology works on the sprint that is an ‘interval of time’ allocated to complete a particular phase of the project.

agile methodology sprint example infographics

Once the sprint is over, there will be no more time or additional work done on that specific sprint again once it is approved by the client.

Therefore, the team is fully assigned to complete the task within the given date and time. Similarly, the other projects will be completed according to the given time and duration with the total output of the sprint objectives usually defined by team leads and supervisors.

A Brief About Waterfall Model

Agile versus Waterfall difference and infographics of agile and waterfall model and methodogy

Usually, when we develop a mid-scale software, the procedure comprises of following steps:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

Once after this process completes its one circle, the client is provided with the software in the finest form. This continuous series of the development process is called the Waterfall Model in which steps are applied to build the software.

A Quick Agile Process Example

The Agile cycle repeats the process over and over again for the particular sprint planned and divided as per the components of the software.

So let’s say the team is assigned to develop a mobile application for health care businesses.

In this case, the team adapts agile methodology instead of the waterfall, as it lies into the category of large scale software development. The application components will be classified into different sprints where each time a single sprint completes, the client will be able to experience the functionality accordingly. 

When to Follow Agile Approach?

The agile approach is ideally followed for large-scale software development rather than mid or small size software requirements. Since this approach helps in optimizing and updating the project release, it is applied for the mobile applications and software that are expected to update with multiple features and functionalities that are required to be experienced.

Agile Approach Benefits

Agile is one of the most adapted approaches in the market today especially it has rapidly adapted by software development companies that were formally working over the traditional development. Imitations of the outdated development process have been abandoned due to the impact and results of another approach compared to those of agile.

Agile Approach Benefits for software development
Benefits of Agile in Software Development Process

Hence, in case if any of the software that is built over the agile methodology, it would comparatively more stress-free for clients to request any software update in feature or functionality. This way the software development company would update the particular phase needed any upgradation or changes without going through all the components thoroughly.    


The agile approach is one of the most organized, well-managed and incredibly proven strategies that is adapted by renowned software development companies around the world. Hence we were a top-notch software development company in Dallas where we work coherently using the most modern techniques to develop software of any complexity.

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